Thursday, 3 March 2016

A good reason for being away

It has been over a year since I lasted posted on my blog. There is one good reason for it and he's called Jack. He's a gorgeous little boy and now 4 months old.

During the pregnancy I was tired a lot. I wasn't interested in crafting or blogging. It's quite a strange feeling. Somebody described it to me as loosing the focus. All I wanted to do is sleeping or to chill on the sofa. 
Now, with Jack being born, there's not much time for big crafting projects. My creative mind is working again though and I often dream about preparing art work for an exhibition or for a kind of exam. That's why I decided to start blogging again. I still have lots of pictures of past crafty stuff which I haven't posted yet and maybe I can do smaller projects. One thing I wanted to do for a while is a photo competition based on the book "The Pocket Scavenger" by Keri Smith. I will talk more about it in a dedicated Blog Post. 
For now I'm happy to be back! 
If you are a creative person and have kids, maybe you want to share how you make time for your crafty projects. Please leave a comment and I'm happy to read it! 

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