Dreams to be lived

I always had a little bucket list in the back of my mind, but I guess it will be even more fun to publish it on my blog. Like this I can keep track of how I actually do in achieving those goals. 
Life is awesome! How can someone ever be bored? 

Things I want to learn and achieve:
- Joining a Sewing class and improve my skills
- Learning embroidery
- Sewing a quilt
- Learning crochet
- Doing photoprint on fabric
- Sewing a dress

- Getting a tutorial on Craft Gawker craftgawker.com
- Attending a Folksy Summer School class
- Setting up my own Craft Business 
- Selling at a craft fair
- Designing my own fabric spoonflower.com

- Building my own treehouse
- Building a strawberry bar for the garden
- Having an awesome barbeque with friends

- Learning Spanish 
- Learning a little bit more Italian for the next Rome visit
- Improving my French
- Learning touch typing

- Watching the Top 100 classic movies

- Participate in the national novel writing month nanowrimo.org
- Writing a novel

Places I want to see:
- Meteora
- Akropolis 
- Barcelona
- Giant's Causeway
- Stonehenge
- See the Northern Lights

Getting fit: 
- Doing the North run Keep calm and run this thing!
- Newcastle Stampede 
Alpine hiking tour with cabin accommodations
- Hiking in the Highlands

- Reading through the bible
- The greek myths
- Reading through the world classics

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