Thursday, 8 August 2013

Me, the UK and my passion for crafting

Hello, I'm Caroline. Originally from Germany, I moved to the UK three years ago to experience life abroad, and then found my Mr. Darcy - I decided to stay.

I was always into Arts and Crafts, and since I've rediscovered sewing, particularly soft toys (no curtains, unfortunately), I have been overrun with new creative ideas. Often ending up with three projects at the same time. Recently, I bought my first sewing machine (JL 300C) and started to learn sewing with it, saving time and sewing more accurately (thinking of you, grandma).

I would love to use the blog to show you my creations and introduce them to you, while they are filling up the shelves and the sofa.

So, in a parallel Universe, they all live on this beautiful island called the "Isle of Wonders", and as inhabitants they have called themselves the "Wonders". Don't ask me where to find this place, but I guess it's somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

I myself, live in the North of England. I love coffee and crossword puzzles (when I run out of my German imports, I have a serious problem), and I also love the book series "Mr Gum". I'm going crazy for Watermelon and Spaghetti Bolognese (my boyfriend must have found the ultimate secret recipe), and I'm dreaming of my awesome future tree house.


  1. Na da bin ich ja gespannt was du so zusammen bringst, der Löwe ist schon mal s3ehr niedlich. Ich versuch mich gerade an Kinderkleidern, da Rainer ja zwei Töchter hat, mal sehen was daraus wird. :-D

    1. Süss! Kleidchen für die Mädchen zu nähen, bringt bestimmt Spass! Rosa und glitzernd oder eher für kleine Piratinnen?

  2. Mal sehen was dabei rauskommt, aber Piratinnen ist schon mal eine tolle Idee :-D


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