Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Please welcome to the stage: Carl Confetti

Well, it isn't quite Easter yet, but I felt like I had to do something colourful, and it had to be a rabbit.
I wanted a design that would remind me of the computer game "Raving Rabbids", where the rabbits are look like a kid has drawn them.

I like design that looks unfinished, clumsy - it has a certain charm (and that's not my excuse for not having mastered the sewing machine yet.) One of my new year's resolutions (they have come early this year) is to particpate in a sewing class to discover more options, tricks and tips of the trade. 
Allow me to briefly introduce Carl Confetti. 
Carl loves the circus, and that's where he wants to learn how to roar like a lion. He is under tuition from Cato, the Lion, but his rabbit voice is rather squeaky. 
Unfortunatley Carl has never visited a circus before, because he is terribly afraid of clowns. They scare him with their curly wigs and their big smiles. 

The tulle pompoms were easy crafted. Instead of using a long woollen thread, I used a ribbon of tulle. One can cut along the tulle - 1m long and 10cm wide. Then pick the tull, so it becomes more voluminous. 

I have a slight affection for confetti patterns (see the Felefant).

Does anyone else have a love of confetti or polka dot patterns, if so; have you produced something similar that you would like to share?

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