Friday, 20 September 2013

A new member of the pebble family arrived - Selen

I miss making soft toys. I'm still working on the harvest bunting to finish, but it takes longer as I'm stiching the names of the each vegetable and fruit on each bunting.
To have a little detour from this work (I don't want to work on too many projects), I made a little friend for Camilla, the dancer Selen. 

It's fun to capture the character of a soft toy in just a few details. The idea behind the Pebble Family dolls is that they're easy for children to play with. Like finger puppets, they're small. Without too much detail the kids have more room to use their imagination. Because they are filled with rice, they are heavy enough to stand upright, which allows the kids to play with them in a doll house or landscape. 

Selen came here, to learn new dances, like Salsa and Cha Cha Cha. 

While she was making herself home, she discovered my Wii Let's Dance and Zumba games. Because she's quite a person, my boyfriend has no chance to play Grand Theft Auto, which is at least not to my loss :)

Selen making a pirouette ....

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