Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bookshelf Elves - Berry and Blue

The bookshelf elves are related to the Pebbles, but different from them, they love to live in bookshelves, preferably next to their favourite book.
Berry prefers the classics more, Blue is more into films, and therefore likes geeky film books.
Sometimes it takes a long time until a book is finally chosen from the shelf to be read. The elves keep the books happy and entertained in the time when nothing exciting happens. 

Once when I was visiting my mother during a university semester, I had the idea when looking at her huge bookshelf to organize the books by colour. It took my mother actually two months to realize what I'd done. Although she didn't share my taste in colour composition, we both had a giggle about my strange humour. 

The bookshelf elves are filled with rice, so they have some weight, sometimes enough to work as bookends.
They also make a nice decoration for bookshelves, to give them a bit of life, between those dusty treasures. 

Blue was my first bookshelf elf. Although I'm normally not too keen in rainbow colour palettes, I choose the palette, as I thought it makes a beautiful frame of scales.

This time I wanted to try the blanket stitch, which I had seen on a tutorial on The Pearl Bee blog. The embroidery is made with pearl cotton.  I don’t know if it worked out well, but it’s something different.

When designing Berry, I was thinking of the 60's colour palette - of orange/red/pink. I decided to use blue for the embroidery to give it some contrast.

Do you choose a colour palette before starting a new project or do you decide in the process of making what looks good and what doesn’t?


  1. How original are these. So quirky - i'm going to have a go at these myself. Just a good idea to go with your creative book collection!

    1. Thank you Jenny. Let me know when you have some, I would love to take a look at them!


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