Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My name is Fluffy

Let me introduce you to Fluffy (in German: Wuschel). He is a crossbreed of a Teddy Bear and an old English Sheep Dog. A bit shy, he tends to have his hair covering his eyes, in the misbelieve, that no one will see him. He needs time to open up to people, but when he does, he is a loyal friend, always there to listen or to make you laugh. 

When naming him, I had to think of the animated film "Despicable me". There is this one cute scene, where little Agnes sees a Soft Toy Unicorn at the fun fair and totally falls in love with it, shouting: "It's soooo fluffy!" Awesome! 

Sometimes I feel like half of what I am saying, are film quotes or song lyrics ...

I'm really happy, that this experiment turned out well. In the beginning I was trying to create a different texture by embroidering the fabric with parcel thread using the running stitch. I was playing with the idea of doll hair without having looked up a tutorial. 
So I decided to knot a bit of parcel thread to each single stitch - crazy amounts of work. I wouldn't have managed without a few episodes of Downton Abbey. 
But once I was finished it looked more like a mop than anything soft toy like.
Luckily, after cutting his hair, I was re-inspired again. 

I figured that he needs something more livelily on his face, and found some teddy bear eyes and nose in my button stash.  

The embroidery is inspired by Scandinavian needlework, using Backstitch, Daisy stitch and the seed stitch. 
I'm totally useless learning the French knot. I got it right a few times with the Soft Toy Camilla and the Soft Toy Lion, but I always forget the how I made it afterwards. So I cheated a bit this time, using the seed stitch instead, which is a pair of very short straight stitches. 

Did you have any projects, which at first seems like they were complete nonsense and a waste of time, but later turned out to be something great?


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