Monday, 20 January 2014

Once upon a time

The past weeks have been interesting for me. I've joined "The Big Blogging Bootcamp" with Elizabeth Sellers - her blog Rosalilium - in the beginning of January. Besides learning a lot of new stuff and being able to ask questions. It's great to meet some many other keen bloggers who are interested to share and to exchange experiences. 

Another change to come is my new part time job, which will hopefully give me spare time again to follow up creative ideas on sewing and crafting.
I received some great Christmas presents: a light box (inclusive daylight lamps and a tripod) and a graphics tablet. Maybe you notice that I'm trying to figure out how the light box works for taking photos. The graphics tablet is a more complex thing to discover, but it essentially works like drawing with pens. The difficult part is to figure out all the functions on the drawing program, like the freeware GIMP. 

The following months, I would like to write more about the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.The book is actually a 12 week course in discovering and recovering your creative self, consisting of a weekly task list and weekly essays. Additionally you have to write a morning journal and go regularly on an artist date to fill your creative source. I read the book when I was twenty years old, recommended by a creative friend who got the book recommended by a creative friend and so on. Since that time the book proved itself to be a great support on various occasions, like a good friend who whispers words of encouragement in your ear when you need it.
* You can find now a complete online course on Julia Cameron's website, have a look.

Have you had a book in your life that inspired you and changed your creative life? Have you read "The Artist's Way" yourself and what are your experiences with it?


  1. Sounds like the book is a great read - I love the idea of an art date every week!

  2. Have you started it yet? Let me know, and we can exchange some ideas!


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