Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What about some pretty Winter Decoration for the New Year?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to the New Year 2014.

I had an amazing Christmas this year with my family staying over. We crafted and decorated the house with festive paper chains, candle lanterns and Christmas tree decorations. My boyfriend cooked a festive meal on the 25th - turkey with roast vegetables. I do have to admit though, that I'm not much of a Christmas pudding fan. 

I had also tremendous fun buying gifts for everyone. My brother really enjoys watching British comedies, such as "Black Books" and "The IT Crowd", to name a few. It was recommended that I get him Channel 4 classic "Green Wing" to go with "Spaced" that I'd already bought. I hadn't seen it before and was a bit baffled when I started watching it yesterday. I began to second guess if he'd like it? Luckily he loves it, and he advised me that he thought that it would take me about 8 episodes to get used to the humour. We shall see.

"Spaced" on the other hand... I can really relate with the character of the artist Brian. I think it is the best parody of an artist ever made. This strange man - who lives on the ground floor of this apartment house, trying to be creative and to express his troubled emotions, epic - I would highly recommend it!

We got rid of our Christmas tree quite early this time, because we have a small house and it was nice to get the space back, especially for crafting. We still have some decorations remaining including some silver sparkly twigs, decorated with handmade felt baubles. 

You will need:
- Twigs (you get the sprayed ones from the florist, or you can spray them yourself)
- Felt (a good way to use up some felt scraps)
- Various pearls and beads
- Fabric scissors
- Pearl cotton embroidery floss
- Needle

So here is a quick How-To:
1. Cut out little circles of the felt scraps in various sizes and colours. 
2. Thread the needle and pick up a bead to fix it with a knot to mark the start.
3. You can add some more beads or start threading the felt circles. To achieve the form of a bauble, start     
    picking small circles moving to bigger ones and then picking smaller ones towards the end again.
4. When you are finished threading, fix the pile of felt circles with a bead and a knot. 
5. Make a little loop out of the rest of the thread, to have a little hook to hang up the felt bauble. 

I wish everyone a happy new year for 2014, may all your wishes come true!


  1. Happy New Year!! Yes, Green Wing does take some getting in to, but once you have you'll never look back. They are all genius characters...

    1. Looks like I'm getting used to "Green Wing" now :))


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