Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Great North Run Countdown

How exciting! The countdown is running! Tomorrow it's the big day I've been training for all summmer! It's incredible how much I start to enjoy doing sport 3-4 times a week and even running.

Apart from signing up for this challenge, which was very motivating to get fit, Jillian Michaels had her role in that too. Her training is perfect to build up strengh.
My friend Mieke introduced me to her High Intensity Training Fitness Training, which I then started to do at home, via youtube app on my boyfriends xbox. There are several free training available on YouTube, and with no gym enquipment needed, it's easy to get started.
My favourite training session is Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Workout.

I tried to build up my estamina with jogging training intervals, and got some good advice from friends and aquantainces how to increase the milage.
My friend Vicky, who runs the blog Loosing weight and keeping it off introduced me to the parkrun
It's a free initiative that organizes a weekly 5k run in parkland surroundings. It's supported by sponsors and volunteers and is free to enter for everyone. Once you're registered on the website and have a number, you can receive your weekly running time via text message, which allows you to track your progress.
It's amazing how many enthusiastic and friendly people you meet there! And how encouraging it is to run with friends or just in a group of people who want to stay fit.

I will be running for the Mind charity. Mental health is an important matter for me. Although our medicine is far more advanced than 50 years ago, it is still difficult to diagnose mentall illness and to give the right treatment.
Our society still has a lot of prejudice against mental illness. The campaign "Time to change - let's end mental health discrimination" tries to fight the stigma of mental illnesses like depression, shizophrenia, bipolar dissorder or anxiety. The website provides a lot of interesting reads on that subject and also a video with Stephen Fry, the president of "Mind" and  supporter of "Time to change", where he talks about his own experience with bipolar disorder.

If you want to read a bit more about my intentions to run for the Mind Charity, please find more info on my former blog post here.
You can find my fundraising page here. Every donation is important and goes 100% to Mind.

Tomorrow it is! How exciting! :)

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