Monday, 6 October 2014

The Great North Run - Keep calm and run this thing!

The Great North Run was an amazing experience! And to my surprise I ran the whole distance of 13.1 miles (21.1 K) in 2:43 h. For someone who just started training this summer, that’s an achievement.

My achievement

The event itself was mind blowing, too. It's the biggest half marathon in the world, with about 50.000 people participating this year. Steven took a shot from the bridge that overviewed the starting line. People as far as the eye can see. I was in the last wave of people running. For people who would run 3 hours plus. To give you something to compare: The Gold Medal winner Mohamed Farah did run the whole distance in one hour. A trained runner can run the distance in 1:30 h

Starting line

It was really encouraging to run in a group of people. People were dressed up in funny costumes, as Sponge Bob, or a Minion... which made the event fun and kept my mind distracted. People alongside the road were cheering on the runners. Some of them even provided little snacks like biscuits or mini sausage rolls. Bands were playing music on several cheering points alongside the course. All in all it was an amazing atmosphere. Newcastle can be proud to host such an awesome event. 

I am still collecting money for the MIND charity. If you would like to donate, I would be really greatful. Please find the link to my fundraising page here

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